Boquete Awaits!
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The highlands of Chiriqui Province are among the most desirable locations in Panama, and perhaps all of Central America! Among foreign retirees and expats, Boquete is by far the most favored place to live, and for good reason. With spring-like weather year-round, this cool mountain town is known for its scenic beauty, coffee farms, and outdoor activities.

These near-perfect conditions have made Boquete a haven for expats, and there is always something going on! Civic groups built a fantastic new library, volunteers help needy families and stray animals, and social clubs of every description abound! The Boquete Community Events Center hosts a weekly market and frequent musical and theater productions. While the town itself is quite small and unassuming, the surrounding hillsides are dotted with little communities, indigenous people and family farms. Nestled among the trees you’ll spot awesome custom-built homes and country estates along the winding roads.

New construction has slowed a bit in and around Boquete, but some new homes in small developments are available. The re-sale market is hopping here, with a wide range of properties on offer from $200,000 and up. Real estate prices in and around Boquete are higher than elsewhere due to its popularity, and the cost of living tends to be higher as well. Rentals may run as high as $1500 per month here and the demand is steady.

Between its spectacular scenic beauty, wonderful climate and wealth of things to see and do, it’s easy to see why Boquete is such a hotspot today.

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